Friday, December 17, 2010

Unintended Benfits Of The War On Terror

originally posted 3.21.2008
While the "coalition" has been scouring the world looking for evil doers, a few things have been missed..Osama and Weapons Of Mass Destruction being the first that come to mind. What is little known, though, is that during the war, while turning every stone for terrorists, some incredible Funk has been found, in places you might not expect.I'm not a general so I won't speculate on how the War on Terror is going, but in the Search for Funk, coalition forces most definitely have earned this..Mission Accomplished.
Israel-The Apples

Freak Afrique 

Ze Ra'ayon Tov


Howlin' with Fred


Poland-Polish Funk Vol. 1-3

Coda-Czerwone Gitary

How Can I Stand It-Kombi

Księżniczka - Andrzej  Zaucha

Strit-Poznanska Orkiestra Pritv


DashboardDJ856 said...

That was one funking accomplished mission!

Cody B said...

Roger and thank you! Back to base camp for more digging. Actually it's mostly mining and repairing old MOG posts for a little while. cheers.