Friday, December 3, 2010

Classic Rock Sex Change

Outside of a few luminaries (Joni,Janis,Grace)Classic Rock was dominated by male artists. So here's a Classic Rock Mix, that attempts to right that wrong. To some this mix falls under the category: If you can't beat 'em Join 'em. To me it sounds more like ladies first.
Millie Jackson vs.70's Rod Stewart or Toto-I'll take Millie, both times. Nina Simone Vs.Eric Burdon, that's a no brainer. Ella vs. Clapton, be the judge.

1.Get Ready-Ella Fitzgerald
2. Light My fire-Tami Lynn
3.Sunshine of Your Love-Spanky Wilson
4.Hold the Line-Millie Jackson
5. Won't Get fooled Again-Labelle
6. Tales of the Brave Ulysses-Rotary Connection
7. Eleanor rigby-Trudy Pitts
8. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood-Nina Simone
9. For What It's Worth- Cher
10. Mighty Quinn-Julie London
11. Feelin' Alright- Lulu
12. A Whiter Shade of Pale- Trudy Pitts
13. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?-Millie Jackson
14. Wild Horses-Labelle
15.Salt Of The Earth-Rotary Connection
16. House of the Rising Sun-Nina Simone
17. Louie,Louie-Julie London
18. Hey Jude-Ella Fitzgerald


Anonymous said...

From Ella and back....and everything in between....just wonderful stuff!

Cody B said...

Ok, so I switched out the Shirley Bassey LMF for the Tami lynn one..this on the suggestion of an Aquatic Ape..